New York Scramble - A Crime Novel

The 50's... You Should've Been There!

"This is for you, Frank," the shooter said and fired his weapon at point blank range. The onetime boss of the New York underworld grasped his bloodied neck and fell. This begins a curious story where a gangster and a freelance artist become acquainted through a mutual interest in...comics. A friend introduces Joe and Gilda to each other in Los Angeles. They venture to New York on a quest for success. He strives to sell cartoons to magazines. She, an actress, seeks roles on stage or screen. A producer Gilda knew in Germany is in the city to promote a major motion picture. His presence will prove to be disastrous for the couple. A shady psychiatrist, dealing in illicit drugs, creates another complication. More bad people become involved. And finally the police. Then it gets worse... About the Author: After leaving art school, Chouinard Art Institute in Los Angeles, Bert Silva worked in the animation department at Walt Disney Studios. He later made the rounds of New York magazines selling cartoons to the humor editors. He now writes full-time and lives in Morro Bay, CA. When Silva has the time, he takes his boat out for a few hours of sailing relaxation.

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