New York Scramble

The author draws upon this resume to deliver realistic descriptions of the mechanical details of Joe’s work, his weekly slogs trying to sell his cartoons, and his attempts at networking with other artists. - Source

Silva keeps the action moving briskly. ~ Source


An energetic tale explores murder, revenge, and corporate deceit playing out on the high seas. There’s nary a dull moment in this complex, relentlessly plotted, if bloated, maritime potboiler sure to keep readers alert. - Source

The Patsy

Silva’s characters intrigue, and events move deftly from the prison to a hotel to Sirocco’s yacht and beyond. With the tone of a vintage crime caper, this could be the first novel in a series. - Source


"She had written a list - ten sentences of what she thought a husband should be, and each one started with 'I want...'"

"I was nine years old the night of December, '41 when Japanese paratroopers dropped out of the sky..."

"I shivered in the cold darkness and felt certain it would all go wrong. Angel's gate, the Los Angeles shipping entrance, was a quarter mile out from where I had anchored...'

"She never failed to pick up a soldier hitchhiking on the highway whenever she drove us down the coast to visit relatives in Southern California."

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